Homes for sale in Walnut Creek - Stop getting beat!

The housing market in Walnut Creek, CA is very competitive. Many people attempt to balance selling homes in Walnut Creek and buying a home in Walnut Creek at the same time by placing offers on Walnut Creek homes for sale, contingent on the sale of their own property. In a buyer's market this is more common. However, with low housing inventory and high housing demand in Walnut Creek and the East Bay Area, this means there will be multiple offers on most homes for sale in Walnut Creek. The competing home buyers' offers will likely not be contingent on a sale, thus their offer is more likely to be accepted by the person selling their home in Walnut Creek.

To be a strong home buyer in Walnut Creek, sell your house first. Rent an apartment, stay with family or in an Airbnb and put your property in storage. A good Walnut Creek Realtor will negotiate a 2-3 week free rent back from the buyers of your current home to buy you some more time to find and make offers on your dream home.

It's a tough predicament, and is easier said than done, especially with children. However, making this sacrifice increases the likelihood of YOUR family getting the house in Walnut Creek that you and so many others want so badly.

Contact Todd Goforth for more details and options of buying and selling homes in Walnut Creek concurrently.

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