Hood Review: Solano / Hillcrest Terrace / Concord Estates 94520

The Hillcrest and Concord Estates neighborhood located in the 94520 region of Concord, CA is a perfect location for first-time homebuyers and those seeking affordable homes in the Bay Area. This area of Concord is ideal for commuters and is as about as centrally located as it gets! Immediate access to 242 onramps, which lead directly to both highway 4 and 680 freeways, making Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Pittsburg and Antioch easily accessible.

The triangular shaped area is bordered by Olivera Rd to the North, the 242-connecter freeway to the right, and the iron horse trail to the South/East - which parallels a creek (Walnut Creek). Solano Way runs down the middle and splits the Hillcrest Terrace neighborhood (North) and the Concord Estates neighborhood (South).

A small strip mall, gas station and convenience store are located on Solano Way, just off the 242 exits and are a common stop for neighbors in the area.

Hillcrest Park is located at the northern end of the Hillcrest neighborhood and features a picnic and barbecue area, green grass, a baseball field, play structure and a Frisbee golf field. The Via Delta De Anza trail runs from the North-Eastern area of the Hillcrest neighborhood (On Grant st, South of Olivera Rd) and runs Westbound, where it transitions to the well-known and convenient Iron Horse Trail.

The homes within the Concord Estates and Hillcrest Terrace neighborhoods are located just minutes from Pixie Playland (amusement park for children), Starbucks, Planet Fitness, Buchanan and Diablo Creek golf courses, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor waterpark, Home Depot, Buchanan Airport, the Sun Valley Mall, California Grand Casino, the Westwind Solano Drive In move theater and Diablo Valley College.

Homes in this area are some of the last affordable houses for first-time home buyers in the city of Concord.

Please contact me today if you’d like more information, would like a private showing or would like to list your home for sale in this area of Concord.

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