Homes for sale Walnut Creek, CA - Stats for Feb 2021

Hello Walnut Creek home sellers and prospective Walnut Creek home buyers.

Here's some quick data on homes for sale in Walnut Creek , CA in the last 30 days.

Average Walnut Creek list price: $1,543,600

Average Walnut Creek sold price: $1,633,800 (avg 5.8% over list)

Average days on market: 5

There are currently 14 single family detached homes for sale in Walnut Creek as of Feb 4th, 2021.

There lowest listing price is $800,000, the highest listing price is $2,995,000 and the average listing price is $1,772,360.

15 people get to be homeowners in Walnut Creek, and there's hundreds or maybe thousands looking to call Walnut Creek their home.

Looking to buy a home in Walnut Creek? You need a team to make this happen.

A great Realtor who's an expert on Walnut Creek Real Estate and a great lender who works well with your Realtor

The rest is up to YOU. You make the final decisions, you're the boss. Your Realtor provides the pros, cons and risks -- then you're up to


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