Homes for sale in Walnut Creek, CA decrease this month

Here is an update on homes for sale in Walnut Creek as of May 11th, 2021. This update includes data over the last 30 days. This is data I pulled from the MLS myself, this is not an official release of information, it is simply compiled form my own research.

42 single family homes currently “for sale.” The avg list price is $1,426,747

2 homes are “coming soon” and will be available to the public within the next few weeks with an average price $1.35M

86 home are “pending” and in escrow (this process usually takes 25-30 days)

75 homes were “sold,” meaning they closed escrow and transferred title to the new owner. - Of these 75 homes, the average sold price was $1,538,360. - Of these 75 homes, 67 buyers had a conventional loan (avg price $1.56M) . - Of these 75 homes, 6 of these buyers paid cash (avg price $1.36M). - Of these 75 homes, 1 buyer obtained private financing ($1.6M).

1 home was an REO (foreclosure) property and sold for $1.6M

Sold/closed properties summary – last 30 days: avg list price: $1,388,209 avg ­sold price: $1,538,360 avg % over list price: 10.8%

How do the prices compare with the month prior in Walnut Creek? List/sold price summary for the month before last:

3/12 to 4/11: avg ­list price: $1,399,245 (decreased $11,036 this month) 3/12 to 4/11: avg ­sold price: $1,554,211 (decreased $15,851 this month) 3/12 to 4/11: Avg % over list price: 11 % (decreased .2% this month)

The average sold price has decreased by $15,851 from 30 days prior to the

last 30 days

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