Homes for sale in Concord, CA – What is low inventory?

In the last month only 34 single family homes have come on the market in Concord. The average price of these homes is $744,713.

How many buyers do you think are actively looking in Concord? Hundreds? Thousands? These homebuyers are likely touting 2.8% interest rate preapprovals and may be well qualified to purchase one of these homes for sale. Each of these 34 homes will likely receive multiple offers from different perspective home buyers. However, there can be only one buyer unless you plan to share the house like a timeshare.

What does this mean? Well this means it’s T-H-E time to sell your home in Concord, if that is in your future plans. Many people are selling and relocating to a different part of the state, or even out of state. We’re seeing a significant exodus to Dallas, Nashville and areas of Washington. It’s a great time to be a seller with this major supply and demand mismatch.

But is it a great time to be a buyer? YES, but it’s a HARD time to be a buyer too.

It’s great because this is almost surely the lowest interest rates you’ll see in your lifetime, meaning your mortgage will be much cheaper and you can buy more house for your money.

However, with 34 homes to choose from, both your Realtor AND YOU must be on point and ready to pounce on each and every opportunity.

Homes for sale Concord, CA - Realtor in Concord CA
Homes for sale Concord, CA - Realtor in Concord CA

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